Collection Development Policy

The primary mission of Philip Weltner Library is to provide shared access to published knowledge in support of the University's academic program. The library also supports the extra-curricular interests of members of the University community and serves as the Archives of the University.

The library's collection development program is intended to support the university's current and projected curriculum and faculty research. Materials for faculty use in class preparation and current awareness within disciplines are included. Members of the Oglethorpe community are encouraged to make acquisitions recommendations. Final decisions regarding library acquisitions are made by the Library Director.

The library collects selectively, trying to maintain a balance that allows students to exercise research skills without burdening them with overabundant resources.

The collection should:

  • Provide a sample of potentially available materials.
  • Be large enough to encourage confidence that relevant material is available.
  • Allow completion of routine assignments without excessive recourse to external collections.
  • Provide enough context that users can identify and refine topics and locate materials discussing them (including areas not adequately supported by the local collection).

The following criteria are considered in the selection of purchases and gifts:

    Relevance to the library's mission.
  • Quality of the work.
  • Strength and use of existing holdings in the topic relative to the collection overall.
  • Availability and price.
  • Adequacy of facilities and equipment to house and use the material.

Materials in the following categories are withdrawn:

  • Worn or damaged beyond economical repair.
  • Unneeded duplicate copies.
  • Superseded by new editions.
  • No longer relevant to the curriculum or to general user interests.
  • Factually obsolete and of minimal historical interest.
  • Replacements are selected using the same criteria applied to new materials. Damaged materials are referred to the technical services section for initial screening, with in-house repair, commercial binding, withdrawal or replacement as options. The Library Director makes the final determination on decisions to withdraw or replace damaged material.