2005 LibQUAL+ Survey Results

What is LibQUAL+?
"LibQUAL+ is a suite of services that libraries use to solicit, track, understand, and act upon users' opinions of service quality. These services are offered to the library community by the Association of Research Libraries (ARL). The program's centerpiece is a rigorously tested Web-based survey bundled with training that helps libraries assess and improve library services, change organizational culture, and market the library. Library administrators have successfully used LibQUAL+ survey data to identify best practices, analyze deficits, and effectively allocate resources." (ARL web page for LibQUAL+http://www.libqual.org/).

What did it measure?
LibQUAL+T measures user perceptions and expectation of library service. Three areas are measured and include: affect of service, information control, and library as place. The survey is intense and requires the respondent to answer each question from several perspectives.

Who responded?
The 2005 survey was administered to OU undergraduates and faculty.

Complete Surveys Average Time # of students completing survey # of faculty completing survey
109 12:10 87 21

What were the key findings?

Service: Everyone was happy with the services provided. Would like more instruction in using Galileo

Collections: Request for more science and philosophy resources

Library as Place: Would like the 24 hour room to include more private study areas

What was the library's response?

The library is providing access to Dialog searching, adding more science reference works and addressing some of the acquisition needs in the area of philosophy. Instruction programs are being developed. The library is offering orientation sessions to Fresh Focus classes.

When will LibQUAL+T be administered again?

The plan is to administer it again in 2007.

What were the service areas perceived as best?
Service provided by the library staff.

What was the area that needed most improvement as perceived by the students?
Service by the student assistants.
Need for more quiet study areas specifically rooms.
As perceived by faculty?

User Comments

Good movie selection Wish the climate control was better.
I think more should be done to make the library as independently operated as possible Need more small group studies in the 24 hour room or partitions Need more small group studies in the 24 hour room partitions.
Need more study rooms. Need more social science citation indexes.
Student workers need to be friendlier. Need more contemporary social science materials
Sometimes there is no one at the circulation desk. Need more study rooms in the 24 hour room
Need more music periodicals in some format Would like more full text psychology articles on Galileo
I think there should be more scientific journals. Online catalog interface too complex.
Need more language textbooks or books on learning other languages. Get music scores.
Student assistants need to show more enthusiasm for their work. Library staff is friendly and helpful.
The student assistants need to be more courteous. Someone is always ready to help me find what I need.
Need more current or popular materials Online resources are fantastic.
Staff nice and helpful. Print resources are poor.
Need more philosophy books. Extremely happy with service received
Need more study rooms in the library. ILL service particularly good.
Need more inviting arm chairs, sofas for reading Great staff and great advice.
Needs to be as easy to find printed materials as online resources Replace the fluorescent lights, they flicker and make noise.
Periodic updates on data bases would be helpful Need instructions on how to use Galileo when off campus
The 24 hour room is distracting The 24 hour room needs more study rooms that are quiet
Need some computers in the 24 hour room Need more practice books in the health sciences
Need more books such as Barron's guides to MAT, DAT, OAT Hard to go to school full time, work full time and use the library
Paltry resources but good service Need more up to date resources
Need more money for disciplinary journal subscriptions Need to speed up the ILL process
Need better access to full text e-resources in Biology Need more recreational reading materials especially new fiction
Need more access to journals Need more comfortable chairs and sofas
Need to enforce rule to get non-OU students out of the 24 hr. room Need more study rooms
24 hour room overly packed and too noisy Need more computers with USB access
Overall very satisfied Very satisfied
One person should not be allowed to take up a group study Group study rooms often only have one person in them
A library orientation would be helpful Need more full text psychology articles online